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Haiti - Labor Day Weekend

August  30th –September 4th 2018

Bassins Bleu

August 30th

Arrival day, airport pick up and drop off to the Marriott hotel.

6:30 PM head out to dinner at the new Gingerbread Restaurant in Pacot 

9:00 PM Then live voodoo roots music  with the group RAM at the voodoo themed Oloffson hotel, (Thursday nights only).

12:00 AM Return to Hotel

Transportation and all entry fees included.

 August 31st

8:00 AM Excursion day to the waterfall at Basin Bleu, 

10:30 AM Transfer from the buses to the Tap Taps and head up the mountain ? to the reception area

11:00 AM Meet the lifeguards and guides and head towards the fall. Sneakers, water shoes or hiking sandals recommended. Life jackets available to rent for those that are not natural swimmers.

2:00 PM Lunch at the restaurant at the Hotel Cap Lamandou

(could prearrange buffet to conserve time, (not all you can eat, but self-serve with fresh natural juices and soft drinks ($25 per person), alcohol not included, but can be ordered separately)

3:30 PM Tour of the town of Jacmel with its arts and Crafts shops and the beautiful mosaic waterfront.

5:00 PM head back to Hotel in Port au Prince

7:30 PM arrive back at hotel.

Transportation and all entry fees and tips included.

Iron Market

September 1st-

8:30 AM Tour of Port au prince, the area of the national Palace and monuments to the heroes and founders of the country, 

10:30 visit of the ruins of the national cathedral of Port au prince,

11:30 visit of the Musée MUPANAH 

12:30 head to lunch at the Acajou bar at the Montana with a beautiful backdrop of the capital. Or creole restaurant strictly local flavor.

2:00 PM head up to the Kinam art wall, displaying a large variety of oil paintings and other handmade artistic crafts, with a backdrop of Morne Jalousie (jalouse mountain) in the background.

3:00 PM then head higher up the mountain, to visit the closest forts to Port au prince, Fort Jacques named in honor of the country’s first emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines and Fort Alexandre in honor of Alexandre Petion the president in the south following the death of Dessalines. 

4:30PM Now time to head back down and enjoy the beautiful drive coasting down the mountain and back to the hotel.

Transportation and all entry fees and tips included.

Later, time for dinner and a bit of clubn~ 7:30 PM Night out to a restaurant in Petionville (Quartier Latin or Kokoyé bar & restaurant, 9:00 PM Barak night club or Jet-set and dance the night away. 12:00 AM head back to the hotel

September 2nd

 8:30 AM Beach Day excursion to Plage Kokoyé, a drive of the southern part of the Island 

10:00 AM Board the boats and embark on an hour boat ride to the secluded beach, with beautiful deep blue, turquoise waters, no road access, #swim-or-trail. 

11:00 Arrive to a natural paradise (plage Bananyé/Kokoyé)

1:00 PM lunch served

(Prè ordering of lunch required, menu Grilled lobster in a creole sauce, grilled Fish or grilled Conch, served with fresh fried plantains, (banane pesé)) $25 per person, (additional servings $20))

3:30 Board the boats and head back to dry land

4:30 Board the buses and head back to the hotel

6:30 arrive back at the Hotel

Fort Jacques

September 3rd

Relaxing day by the pool  Free day to re-cooperate ?? 

Then, the late evening...

Get dress it’s time to Party

7:00 PM drive up the mountain to visit the Observatory in Boutilliere, where you will have a bird’s eye view of the entire capital down below from 3,000 feet up...

8:00 PM now time to enjoy the JetLife All-White Party and dinner at the Observatoire Restaurant there...

September 4th

 Departure day, airport drop off and fair well and hope everyone had a beautiful time experiencing the culture and feel of Haiti ??.

Schedule is subject to change:


Basin Blue

Tour of the town of Jacmel

Tour of Port au prince

Ruins of the national cathedral


Kinam art wall

Fort Jacques

Beach Day excursion to Plage Kokoyé

All White Party and dinner at the Observatoire Restaurant, Beverages are not included. 


Night out to club and restaurant in Petionville

And of Course a JetLife Dinner Party at the Observatory in Boutilliere

JetLife Dinner Party


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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